Finding Your Inner Font

It’s a Saturday afternoon and I have nothing to do.

As with most people, I don’t experience this total lack of time commitment often. I have already gone to the gym, watched the Olympic gold medal trampoline competition (bouncy!), and written my daily goal of wedding thank-you notes (two, because I need an instant feeling of accomplishment). Although it’s beckoning to me, if I watch our recording of Bachelor Pad before JB gets home from golf, our brief marriage might be in jeopardy. And running errands just doesn’t sound appealing since it’s 212 degrees outside.

So I sit, with no excuses left to avoid confronting my writer’s block of the past months. Since getting married, I had hoped that I could re-focus all of the time and energy that went into wedding planning back to my blog. I have felt so inspired to write, with ideas running through my head at all times and the unfinished drafts of posts to prove it. I kept starting, but quickly lost the motivation to finish, unimpressed with anything I had written and all of it sounding like I was trying too hard to be witty or deep or both.

But after much soul-searching and reflection, in this afternoon of idleness, I think I finally identified what has been holding me back: FONT. SELECTION.

The idea of writing yet another post in Times New Roman was how I imagine an Olympic swimmer feels when they get out of the pool and see reporter Andrea Kremer waiting for them. Please, not you again! And while I can’t upgrade broadcasters, I can upgrade WordPress themes.

You noticed, right? Look again. Yeah, baby! I think we can all agree that the Balance Overload experience has been revolutionized for blogger and reader alike. (I also updated my “About Me” page, which has been another source of discontent for a while.)

You might be thinking that all of this focusing on the aesthetic aspect of my blog is really yet another distraction to evade the deeper question of what do I really want to accomplish with this site? What is my voice and what do I want to say?

And to that, I respond…. look at this new photo collage site I learned about from Leah’s Thoughts! It’s a great distraction enhancement for blogging! And it’s a great to excuse to showcase wedding pictures. I thought it only fair since all of you have followed me on this wedding journey. (Yeah, I know, who am I fooling, it’s totally for my own amusement.)

Wedding photos courtesy of Tim Hord Photography and printed with permission from JB

while he’s napping.

Look, I know I just wrote a whole blog post about changing my font and then gratuitously threw in wedding pictures. And if you read it and thought to yourself “WTH is she doing wasting my time with this crap, some of us actually have things to do this afternoon”, then please know, I appreciate it. It is said when you have writer’s block that you just have to write. About anything. Get the juices flowing again. So this is my attempt. I’m hoping my font change is just a signal of a new start in blogging.

PS: My new upgrade also allows me to change the color scheme of my blog. If my writer’s block continues, things could get all-out crazy.

How do you handle a lack of motivation, whether in writing or anything else?


16 responses to “Finding Your Inner Font

  1. After reading your post, I think the search for a new font is only appropriate. Writing is who you are (since Pershing!) and while you can change the words that you put on paper, sometimes the visual component helps the reader grasp what you are trying to say. That is why we are all different kinds of learners (visual, auditory, etc). I also think that you are a different person from your last blog post. You have a new last name and your life has changed. So why not redefine yourself using a new font? Love you!

    • Thanks so much Mere! That is so true what you say about the different kinds of learners. I am actually teaching a class this fall and I need to remember that. And you are so right, I do feel very different from the person who started this blog a year and a half ago. Funny how that happens! Thanks girl! XO

  2. PS you look absolutely beautiful in your collage!

  3. The last time I thought about writer’s block I remembered a movie I had seen a few years ago (more than a few) where a tortured, but beautiful, woman was sitting pensively by a mill, She was agonizing over her “block” which had been plaguing her for a long time. I am telling you, mega tortured. I write posts all the time, which I know need not be sent. I am my own worst critic, but send them anyway. So I say, write and send; or better yet, write and publish. Nora would say it’s ok, do it. Life is short. Being tortured takes up WAY too much time. 🙂

    • Thanks Leslie. There is surely no time for self-torture. We have enough external factors beyond our control that we have to contend with without doing it to ourselves! There is another movie about writer’s block coming out soon with Bradley Cooper called “The Words.” It looks great. Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. Gorgeous photos! I’m glad you used the space to share them.

    I think changing up the look of your blog is a great way to boost your creativity. When I’m blocked, though, I pick up a pen. Somehow writing by hand gets me unstuck. Then I can move back to the keyboard and settle into my routine once more.

    Good luck!

    • Hi Shary, thank you so much! It’s fun to relive the wedding memories through the pictures.

      It’s great that you have found a method that works for you for getting unstuck. I agree that sometimes sitting down at the computer seems so final, like I must now immediately type out a masterpiece. Whereas pen and paper can be more conducive to stream of consciousness and just letting ideas flow.

      Thanks for reading!

  5. umm….did you get your wedding proofs? i want to see!!

  6. Your blog looks great, by the way. And I can relate about the Times Roman. I find it such a boring font. And thanks for the link back! Don’t you love Picmonkey! I spend a lot of time there.

    • Thanks Leah! I’m glad you pointed out Picmonkey in your last blog, it is so addicting. I could play with those make-up options for days! 🙂 Thanks for reading.

  7. YAY!! You’re back. I don’t really care what you write about…somehow you make everything fun/funny to read…so just keep blogging.

    I don’t have a profound answer to your question. I guess I just let my anxiety of not doing said task build-up until I just want to relieve the stress of it…once I start into whatever it is, I usually find motivation. So, just keep writing just to write…it’ll come.

    Oh and we need to see the wedding proofs! (a) because I want to relive your wedding…Wes and I were talking about it with Caitlin/Kade this weekend and how fun it was (b) becuase there are some cute pics of Wes and me and I want them. Sorry – that is selfish. 🙂

  8. Thank you! Your encouragement helped get me back. Hopefully I’m back back and not just sort of back. We’ll see!

    I definitely agree with you about finally getting to the point where you just want to relieve the stress. That’s where I am right now with some work projects I’ve been putting off because I wasn’t sure where to get started.

    I will definitely send you the cute pics of you and Wes!

  9. Hey Caryn, Mazel Tov on your wedding! I like the new updated “about” page looks very good and your wedding pictures are stunning.

    • Thanks so much Ariana! It was a magical weekend. I wish I could do it over and over again 🙂 Thanks for commenting, I appreciate you coming back to read after my absence! Hope you are well. I look forward to catching up on your blog.

  10. You’re back! Yayyyy! I’ve missed your hilarious posts!! 🙂 I always change mine to Trebuchet b/c it’s not quite as boring, but, I need something new, too. I’ve had writer’s block lately, too. It’s almost like I think of things constantly but never have the time or want to do things in chronological order and never do any. Ha. Who knows. But, just know that any post from you is a good one. Keep writing, I love it. 🙂

    • Aw, thanks so much Debbie! I hope I can stay “back.” But your words are always motivating as you are responsible for helping me take the blogging step in the first place! And I am totally with you, I always think of ideas (especially when I am blow drying my hair for some reason), but lately just haven’t been able to take the time to sit down and do something about it. Or if I do, it never comes out right. Anyway, we will figure it out!! Thanks for reading!

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